functional furniture

Framed in the context of modern need, we see ourselves in the process of relapsing into a new device sample on polyfunctional furniture, it is mainly to expand the creative perception well to acquire these pieces, imitate them or achieve a novel concept taking advantage of solutions that are already commercialized.

functional furnitureWe will think mainly about elements Made of recycled and low-cost woods or those elements that shine for their simplicity, simple to replicate and with a very operative presentation comprising their advantages at a glance.

functional table

This is what is happening "Decto Table", an extendable table developed by the firm Ozzi Design remembering that the simplicity in its function does not imply to find us with a piece lacking in luxury and in this case it is very evident since the piece has amazing details of Swarovski, but with a brilliant simplicity at the time of expanding where it hides superimposed the elements that extend it which are presented by a classic structure in extendable tables with telescope elements.

Portable kitchen

portable kitchen -2

Skovby SM101 is another innovative concept in furniture, it is a piece designed for modern kitchen which is characterized by being very compact and It allows you to store absolutely everything you need, tablecloth, crockery and a practical table, ideal for decorating a work space or monkey atmosphere.

inflatable sofa

And thinking of a young space of very small dimensions Giovannetti gives us a remarkable piece, although the wood is absent, it is a beautiful inflatable sofa which can be extended and become a mattress with the same characteristics of two seats, an elegant, ingenious and comfortable way to turn any living room into a bedroom.

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modular furniture

But if what we really want is functionality and space reduction line, Japan OPA Atelier, Kenchikukagu It is an incredible collection, we refer to a compact kitchen with everything necessary for modern life at a very low cost and with the use of a minimum space, a folding desk and one bed all in three mobile modules of an amazing simplicity.