Gan Rugs is a firm dedicated to the manufacture of carpets that belongs to the company Gandía Blasco, created in Valencia in the year1941.
A company that is present in almost 75 countries thanks to the distribution lines and also to its own stores and showrooms in New York, Madrid, Milan or Istanbul, among other cities in the world.

From Gan Rugs, what we want to highlight today is his Mangas collection.

The collection includes a wide variety of carpets and also some pouf with a design of the most original and fun without giving up the style to which we have already very used Gan Rugs.
Both carpets and poufs imitate the magas of those knitted sweaters that our grandmothers wove for the winter.

The Mangas collection is divided into several lines (mini sleeves, natural sleeves, long sleeves and puff sleeves), in which we can see variations in terms of shapes, colors, sizes, etc. Of course, what does not change at any time is the main idea.

The quality of the materials used by Gan Rugs in the manufacture of their products is known. But to achieve the final result of this collection, since more than carpets look like garments in giant size, wool has been used as the main material.

As for the colors, the fan is quite broad, but in general they make an appearance of a lot of cheerful colors that when combined with others something more neutral or with pastel colors, the result is pleasant and harmonious.
The prints are also many and varied, but all have something in common, and that is that they all alternate stripes.

Mangas Collection