Expand the space when decorating our home is a constant goal. And when it comes to gaining meters in tiny floors it becomes a challenge. We launched in search of those master ideas that will help us to achieve it and we discard those that are apparently the enemy. Neither one thing nor the other. The myths about domestic decoration they are not always true. And this post is the test.

tiny flats
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The floors tiny they may seem more spacious thanks to an intelligent decoration. It is the magic of this discipline. The problem arises when we banish solutions convinced that they will steal meters to the rooms because we have been hearing it for a lifetime. And yet they can be of great help to visually expand, generate sense of depth and a lot of other benefits. What steals meters and what is not the key.

Decorate tiny floors: goodbye to the wrong laws

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It is clear that decorating tiny floors requires invest in very thoughtful ideas regarding their spatial organization and the proportions of the furniture. Improvising solutions and changing strategies at the last moment when renovating environments is not what we are most interested in. Nor do we banish solutions that would allow us Shape a balanced decoration because they are prohibited to gain amplitude in this type of housing.

One of these false myths says that the furniture when decorating tiny floors It must be small, according to its size. Well it is not true, or at least with nuances that change such an argument. Any mini room can seem even more if we insist on incorporating furniture of reduced dimensions. We believe that with them we take better advantage of every square meter and corner. And that they do not recharge the interior space as much. But it's not always like this. Beware of them because maybe they generate excessive noise in the environment and disorder.

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Let's start thinking about bigger furniture without fear of being wrong when we live in tiny apartments. Although it will play to maximize their spatial possibilities, there is no reason to discard some other large design if it meets our expectations. The key is to look for pieces that do not visually recharge although they occupy an important surface. Without going any further, bookshelves and shelves from wall to wall they also have a place when decorating tiny floors if we need save books at home. It will only be a matter of apply certain tricks, how to look extra light materials visually and bet on open designs, without doors. They will become the center of attention of the room and at the same time bring balance to the whole.

A look in dark colors, why not?

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Another of the decorative laws that we have surely heard thousands of times is the following. Certain colors of the color palette are forbidden for small domestic interiors because they dwarf. That is, any dark tone, however fashionable it may be, as decorate in blacks and grays, walls, floors and furniture. Although there is a lot of truth in that theory, it does not mean that we have to discard them when setting and dressing tiny floors. The key to using intense colors and that the result is a success is know how to dose them, combine them and play with artificial lighting.

In practice, this theory can give us highly effective decorative results. One of them will be create contrasts that allow us to obtain depth, and therefore play optically with the space. How to dare without fear of paint the walls with a dark color in specific areas and surround them with bright colors that will compensate for their presence. A white or gray furniture would be a wise choice. The final brooch can put the lighting chosen using spotlights on the ceiling with white light. Decorate tiny floors with bright, dark, or soft colors if they are the ones that suit us the most. Any choice is valid. And not just on the walls.

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The ceilings Tiny floors can also be an ideal surface to wear dark, or vivid colors. This way we will achieve that they become much more decorative. But it will be basic to deceive your height by means of a lighting of lights and shadows.

Walls that deceive the eye successfully

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The decoration of the walls is another sensitive point of the tiny floors. How many times have we heard that leave them clear is the solution par excellence to win feeling of spaciousness. Again it is a true law, but full of nuances. If we apply this theory to the letter, of course we will not recharge the rooms. But at what price. A living room, or a bedroom with empty partitions or with hardly any elements that enhance will produce a negative effect.

Environments gain life and personality precisely thanks to what we wear on the walls and how to do it. Including tiny floors. A composition of pictures placed asymmetrically it may be enough to bring greater harmony to the set without saturating it at all. Especially if we look for a main wall and also receives adequate natural lighting.

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But there are more formulas to decorate them with success. From dressing the walls with mirrors, which will reflect the space and multiply the natural light, put paintings or murals XXL sizes, maybe from maps and urban plans. Strange as it may seem, they focus attention and the wall where they are exposed diffuses. Another myth dismantled that gives rise to decorate the walls and walls of tiny floors with another vision and certainly more style.

Floors with carpets, finally!

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We all agree that the floors every time charge more decorative protagonism in our domestic interiors. Without the dimensions of the rooms matter too much. If this is so, why not on the tiny floors? And not only for the coatings, able to add warmth and comfort, or accentuate the style of the stay in large doses. As do the microcement floors, with its resounding industrial air.

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Carpets usually they are considered the big enemies in small rooms because they do not favor that desired visual amplitude. However, there is enough to argue about it. These textile accessories They are perfect tools to achieve optical depth in own rooms of the tiny floors. Without ignoring their ability to enrich. It's just a matter of choose the most fortunate designs. Carpets of light or neutral and smooth tones. Or with geometric motifs that modify the spatial perception. There are enough reasons to start thinking about them. As you can see, the tiny floors admit attractive and effective decorations to disguise their discreet dimensions.

Do you agree?