70 years of history accompany the decoration brand Gancedo that has presented its textile collections for autumn and winter decoration both with its Happytex brand and Gancedo.

Five collections of new fabrics for this new season, quality and topicality, unique designs with chromatic tones that you will love.

Amalfitana Coast, the elegance and sophistication of "dolce far niente"

Gancedo's COSTA AMALFITANA collection is inspired by one of the most beautiful areas of the planet: the coastline bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, full of small charming villages, with whitewashed houses on the hillside, winding roads and boutiques where garments are worn of shining white, made by hand and with natural materials.

All these images of the "costiera" make up an elegant and sophisticated collection, composed by an ottoman (Amalfi), a geometric texture in triangles (Sorrento) and a spike (Capri) in beige and natural colors, made in 100% cotton and with high wear resistance A whole collection to be delivered to the "dolce far niente" ... on your sofa.

Smooth, the textures that will awaken your sense of touch

SMOOTH by Gancedo is a collection that finds its inspiration in the textures of the different materials that are used in the Architecture and the interior design: the terrazzo, the brick, the marble, the wood, the granite, the stone ... they all have one thing in common, they are surfaces that activate the sense of touch. In the same way, the false smooth of the Smooth collection includes micropanas, marbled, braided, soft fabrics ... which intermingle in a single piece different nuances of color, which makes them ideal to combine different color palettes.

The collection consists of a wide variety of fabrics in four ranges of color combinations: mustards and garnets, blue and turquoise, green and beige, and finally, browns and grays. The qualities are velours, chenille, tweeds, cheviots, made of fibers such as viscose, linen, cotton, wool or polyester. All of them are specially designed for use in upholstery, so they are perfect to enhance a good piece of furniture, giving it more personality.

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The Andes FR, a wide range of velvety touch tones

LOS ANDES FR by Gancedo Contract is a flame-retardant collection inspired by the mountain range from which it takes its name, the main design is precisely a spike that reminds us of the shape of the Andes, in a slightly retro style or 60 years. The FR Andes are chenillas -made of 100% FR polyester- that wrap around you and captivate you with their soft, velvety touch.

It consists of a smooth spiked texture, a two-color zigzag and a fake double-sided, all in a wide range of colors and with high wear resistance (40.000 Martindale cycles). The tones are bold and topical -for beach hotels- such as mustard, tile, coral, mint green, Klein blue or oil, and are complemented by other more neutral, easily combinable, such as navy blue or the green forest, and earthy tones, in the range of browns and grays, perfect for urban hotels.

The HappyTEX collections by Gancedo

Forest: vegetation, geometry and a touch of color

FOREST by Happytex by Gancedo is a cheerful and colorful collection, which is inspired by the tropical and jungle trend, so fashionable in recent times, but still has a long journey. They are designs printed on linen and viscose, that mix the vegetal motifs with the geometric motifs, in bright colors of full relevance such as the range of green, fuchsia and coral.

Foresta is composed of four main designs in large format and with botanical motifs (palm leaves, bamboo leaves, flowering cacti and peonies), which are each combined with geometric prints of smaller scale (stripes, spikes ...). All the drawings are painted using the artistic watercolor style. This collection is made in a width of 2,80.

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CATS, the textures and tonalities that you will not want to miss

The CATS hanger from Happytex by Gancedo we are sure that it will become one of the basic best sellers of our portfolio. It is a compendium of textures in different qualities: velvets, chenille, canvas, cotton ... pastel and washed colors that include very easy tones to include in a decoration, such as lands, natural, polka dots, browns, and other nuances of full trend such as the different ranges of greens, blues, yellows and roses. With an exceptional quality-price relationship, Cats will be the perfect ally of decorators for their most current projects.

An event at the Italian Embassy in Madrid

The Italian Embassy in Madrid hosted yesterday, 30 October 2018, the presentation of the new textile collections of Gancedo. The event was opened by Ambassador Stefano Sannino, who introduced the Gancedo family, with 5 brothers in charge of the business, and highlighted his 73 experience in textile decoration, as well as the firm's commitment to design and the latest trends.

Not in vain, the Embassy and Gancedo have collaborated jointly in a renovation project of the dining room and smoking room, whose walls have been daringly and originally decorated with anthracite gray and geometric design velvets (pinnacle) respectively, both fitting perfectly with the classic spaces of the palace.

This collaboration has been the result of the joint work of Gancedo with Teresa Sapey, Italian interior architect who has also been present at the event and who, in fact, will be responsible for the project of new store and offices of the brand in Madrid, which will see the light next year in the same street Velázquez, moving from number 21 to 38.

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After the presentation of the ambassador and the intervention of the Managing Director -Manuel Gancedo- and Teresa Sapey on the project of the new store, it was the turn of Beatriz Gancedo, who presented the textile collections of both the Gancedo brand and the new firm HappyTEX by Gancedo, which offers modern, accessible fabrics with Gancedo's quality guarantee.

About Gancedo

Textile publishers from 1945, Gancedo designs, manufactures and markets textiles in accordance with the aesthetic and decorative trends of the moment. Distributes -in exclusive- fabrics, wallpapers and carpets of the most prestigious firms in the international scene. It has an advice service, preparation and installation, taking care of every detail in every project. Experience, quality and customer service are its main strengths to always get a unique space, both for individuals and professionals.

About HappyTEX by Gancedo

Happytex is a new and carefree brand of fabrics that offers modern fabrics, accessible, easy to combine and with the quality guarantee of Gancedo. With Happytex, the client can enjoy a contemporary and functional decoration that does not go out of style and at an affordable price. Happytex is built on the experience and prestige of a solid brand like Gancedo, with the intention of satisfying the new demands of the market and positioning itself in a younger segment.

Thanks for the information and photographs provided by Gancedo.