Nowadays glass bricks have become fashionable, let's say that they are a trend in new constructions and in renovations, since in addition to being a building element it can also be very decorative, since nowadays there are colors, textures and different opacities.

You can get a more modern look in your home, and can also be placed anywhere, in the shot of the staircase, in the bathroom, for the entrance, for the living room, ...

But it may not be very convenient for you to install them in your house because of the work done, that is why I am going to give you a few reasons for this element to be part of the house, because if it is a new house you should not suppose a lot of problems, but if we talk about a reform is something else.

  • The first thing I will highlight about these bricks is that they are very resistant due to their thickness, and can be used in different environments, both bathrooms and kitchens. It also has the advantage that it can be used to divide environments without removing luminosity. Because there are times that we have a large room that could be divided in two, but we do not do it because one side would be left without windows, with this type of brick you can make the division without losing the light.
  • It is a very versatile and decorative construction element, since today there are many models that differ by their colors, textures and designs, and can be combined with other materials without problems.
  • The glass bricks can be placed in any corner of the house, because thanks to its thickness it guarantees the privacy of the rooms, although I also tell you that today there are smoked bricks that guarantee that nothing will be seen, for the most modest.
  • Because there are bricks of many shapes and sizes, we can use these bricks in the composition that we like the most, that is, you can create the composition to your liking, mixing sizes and shapes.
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Now it is you who decides where and how to put them to decorate your home at your whim.



  1. I will make a wall of separation between the staircase and the hall, I would like to make some composition with paves but not the entire wall but some pretty composition, what ideas can you give me.

    • Hello María Eugenia, the separation can be done half with exposed brick and half with glass, but of course this depends on the style of your house. You could also try making a mosaic with pavés in different colors.

      But you know that I only give you my opinion, everything depends on your tastes.

      Tell me then how you have been! Send us a photo if you dare to show your ideas!

  2. I've always wanted to put these bricks in my house, I love it. I have already bought the furniture from the living room in the Muebleria de Mi Casa, they have cost me very cheaply and with what I have left over I have decorated everything in blue. I'm thinking of putting these glasses in different shades of blue under a window that I have. What is your opinion?

    • Hello Belen, we imagine that it will be an internal window, that connects a room or another, with corridor etc ... Each house is different and without seeing it we can not venture to tell you if it would be good, although what we can tell you is that it is undoubtedly an original idea. Your best that nobody knows your house and if it would fit or not with the rest of the decoration.

      a greeting


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