If you are looking for details infantiles, for an original decoration, nice and funny, today in Decoration 2.0 we teach you how to make this beautiful solecillo with which to brighten up the decoration of the smallest room. In addition, we can also use them to decorate events such as birthdays or baptisms.

crafts for children - paper sun

If you want to receive the summer with joy, the materials What we will need are the following:
  • 1 cardboard plate
  • Acrylic paint ocher or orange or yellow egg.
  • brush or sponge
  • Paper kite or tisue (the most finite) yellow.
  • A cut of black cardboard
  • 2 white cardboard circles
  • 2 smaller circles coral or orange decartulina.
  • glue gun or glue for paper.
The first thing we will do is paint the plate, paint the base of the plate with the acrylic and let it dry very well. Once dry paste the smile, with black cardboard. Then arm your eyes and hit them. These will be made with white and orange cardboard. You can stick a bit of plastic, so your eyes will be brighter.
To make the sun's rays, what we will do is fold the paper handkerchiefs, cut and paste with the glue gun. Remember to do it for the deep part, so we will not see the reverse.
Finally we place our funny sun wherever we like.
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