La Modern decoration proposes a set of colors that stands out mainly by the implementation of rare tones in the classical context, which found elegance through very careful tonalities and some ornamental elements that find the highlight by the complexity of its preparation and the nobility of its materials.

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Framed in this game of colors that the avant-garde gives us, we develop a manufacturing process that finds an elegant proposal, which is achieved through the use of 2 or 3 colors.

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To start we will highlight the advantages of this decorative process, finding essentially the ornamental capacity since the space achieves a harmony based on the complete purification and each ornament comes alive and a remarkable relevance produced by the chromatic context.

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As if it were an artistic representation the tonalities are implemented to create a framework, where the furniture does not translate into prominence but only functionality and are those details that we can assume as minimum in a traditional context that come to life.

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A-cero is a company that focuses on the decorative process of this practice, and highlighting the creative potential creates furniture specially developed in that context, proposes a bicolour collection in highly refined black and white tones, its minimalist character with marked lines that go unnoticed suppressed by the chromatic character highlight the luxury and elegance of simplicity.

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Tom Atwood On the other hand, he is a designer specialized in the practice, his proposal frames us in a process that completely modifies the spaces, lover of the beauty that the synthetic rugs and the traditional decorative elements propose incorporates vintage pieces in his creations achieving a wonderful work that qualifies, the avant-garde, its chromatic game and classic pieces.

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La tonality is important but does not respect established rules, the proposal allows us to play with the combination, creativity opens the way to achieve modern spaces, elegant and very careful, if you are a lover of fine ornaments but it does not find its proper highlight maybe it requires a similar context without conditioning the furniture only changing the colors and achieving an adequate combination.