Gamma Grup offers during the month of March a new promotion with its best offers, among which we highlight a RENOVA PLAN that you pay 225 € for your old bathtub.

The shortage of water, the bathrooms in reduced spaces, the lack of time and practicality lead us to a new trend and is to replace the old bathtubs with more practical and functional shower trays. With these changes, apart from getting a much more modern look of the bathroom, we collaborate with saving water.

Grup Gamma provides us in this brochure and only during the month of March the option to change our old bathtub for a shower plate with screen and makes it very easy with the RENOVA PLAN, paying 225 € for the old bathtub when buying bulkhead and shower tray, for example an acrylic shower tray of 70 × 100 with glass partition would cost 509 € and we would only pay 284 €. Without a doubt a unique opportunity to modernize the bathroom.

For more information you can connect to the website of Gamma where all these promotions are included ( and even acquire them through their electronic store (

Informative Pdf Renova Plan

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