Every time we cook something delicious we feel that what we have done is art and that our work has been enriched with the beautiful way in which we have set the table and we do not hesitate to thank secretly the good selection of tableware, glassware and the cutlery. Everything is a great show, but the magic ends when we have all been satisfied and there is still food, we must keep it and in the taper it is no longer seen as an artistic composition but as a seasonal balance. We would like everything to end up on the table or at least that what is left over does not look so bad in the refrigerator.

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A solution that allows us to store food with as much style as when we have served it at the table is the table and storage set SAVE & SERVICE, by the designers BALANZ ANTAL and AGNES HEGEDUS. The pieces are perfect for storing the food, as they are made of ceramic, and also to serve on the table, for its beautiful design and different sizes. The container lids, in addition to being very stylized, serve for all options since their design allows them to adapt to different diameters. Let's visit the website www.coroflot.com and do not hesitate to acquire this great option.