If you want to teach your children to be organized and keep their clothes in a decorative, functional and fun way today we teach you how to make this fantastic children's wardrobe.

The materials will:

  • Pieces of wood
  • White cardboard made of honeycomb fabric
  • Brass gold tapestry tacks for hanging
  • Black marker
  • Acrylic paint green chrome oxide
  • Vinilic glue
  • Cement contact for wood
  • Thermal gun with adhesive
  • Pinceleta
  • Fine nail Lijá
  • Lija
  • Scissor Hammer

The first thing we will do is join the two pieces of wood, for this we will help with contact cement. Now in the upper area of ​​the wooden ring we will make perforations, you can do it with a fine nail. Drill some 3 cm away from each other.

Now we will fix the pieces and paint them with acrylics of the colors that we like the most. The next step will be to cut out a rectangle of honeycomb fabric, it will be about 40 cm tall by 30 cm wide. Join the seam by the width and close the end of the U-shaped stopper well.

Mark and cut the eyes of the toad, this we will do on cardboard in white. To make them look like eyes we must paint the pupils, for example, in black and stick them to the wood with glue.

Finally we will pass the bag through the hoop and nail it, to fix it, with tacks. Enter these for the perforations we did previously. To finish and do not move, we can secure them with thermal adhesive.

As a final detail we will nail the bronze triangles to hang this fantastic wardrobe.