With the passage of time, you may feel like at home incorporating new details and even changes of style that will help you look renewed. And it is that the years pass, everything changes, the trends happen and of course our tastes and preferences when it comes to decorating are also affected. So if at this point you'd love to start an apparent change in your bedroom but you're thinking about giving up because you do not want to invest a lot in it, you're in luck. And today I bring you a good Lots of ideas to make a canopy for the bed for yourself and get magazine results with el. Take note that we started!

make a canopy for the bed
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Anchor a rectangular structure to the ceiling

If you think you do not enjoy a bedroom wide enough to have a structure that rises from the base of the bed, do not panic. No need to worry. And is that anchoring a rectangular structure directly from the ceiling, not only allow you to make a canopy for the bed by yourself, but also At the time you will achieve a much lighter, airy and delicate aesthetic in the stay.

make a canopy for bed III
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Part of the vertices

Among the keys to redecorating the bedroom for yourself, keep in mind that project and mark the vertices of your bed on the ceiling, it will be essential to help you to show a canopy the sea of ​​harmonious and beautiful. Take the time you need to do it because the success of this new incorporation in your most intimate and personal space will depend on it to a large extent.

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make a canopy for bed II
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Add a plus of charm

A soft and translucent fabric attached to garlands of ambient light in warm tone, they can become the perfect accompaniment to a personalized canopy without having to invest a lot to achieve mystical, magical and sea-friendly results.

make a canopy for bed VIII
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Suspend four roof slats

From strips of natural wood and section that you like, to metal bars or even wicker or bamboo, can be everything you need to make a canopy for the bed by yourself and in great detail, with the simple fact of crossing and holding the bars to each other when forming the vertices. Suspend the structure of the corners helping you with fishing line, sisal cord, cotton, or any other material that you want to incorporate if you want to see more, and go!

make a canopy bed IV
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Supports in the longitudinal direction

Do the same as in the previous case, but only incorporating supports in the longitudinal direction of the bed It can be another great and visual bet to make room in your bedroom. Cross in a perpendicular direction to them the fabric that you want to drop on the bed, and it boasts a canopy as personalized and delicate as the one!

make a canopy for bed V
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Make a canopy for the bed with only fabric

You may be late to incorporate a canopy bed in your bedroom but ... who prevents you from welcoming afterwards? Screw some hooks or hooks from the roof itself, matching their position with the vertices of the bed and let the textile take care of the rest. For more or less intimacy, use more or less wide cloths depending on how much you want to close is space dedicated to the bed. That yes, it employs in any case translucent textiles to achieve greater comfort and harmony both inside and outside the cabin dedicated to the bed;)

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make a canopy for bed VII
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Only with ambient light

If in your day you incorporated a four-poster bed but you think that because of the dimensions of the bedroom you were wrong in the choice, you are always in time to redirect its appearance. Forget the fabric if it is going to encapsulate and limit too much space and bet on covering the ceiling with soft garlands of ambient light that give the magical and special touch to the moment previous to the rest. You will see how you will see this structure with other eyes!

make a canopy for bed VII
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Shelter your rest area

Placing the textile in the longitudinal direction of the bed will be a great idea. Suspend two bars from the ceiling and drop the fabric either in the head and foot area or only through the headboard. For a greater impact and visual warmth, it uses a fine fabric and a lot of fall.

make a canopy bed IX
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Visually limits the space it occupies

Delimiting the vertices to make a canopy for the bed by yourself will be a simple and quick idea to put into practice in your bedroom. And with a cloth of tissue it will be more than enough in each vertex.

make a canopy for bed X
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As you can see, boasting a canopy although your bed in principle did not count on it, can become a very simple task. Bet on the style and shape that best suits your tastes, space and you and do not wait to put it into practice in your most intimate space!