Entrance hall: ideas for decoration

The hall or the hall is, for many, the letter of presentation of a house. The hall offers those who visit us the first image of our home and you know that there is nothing like giving a great first impression. In addition, it is important to learn how to decorate a hall so that it offers a warm welcome every time you open the door.

The style of decoration chosen should give the receiver a personality of its own. As in any other room of the house, there are also basic elements to consider in order to place in this division. Among them are the following: table, bench, container to put the keys and money, mirror, hangers, wardrobe, support for umbrellas, lamps and carpets.

Of course you will not always need to put all these elements in your lobby. The placement of each one of them will depend on the functionality that you want to give and the environment that you want to create.

It is important not to forget the accessories and ornaments, as a hall becomes even more interesting with some touches of color and design, whether in the form of textiles, pieces of glass, steel or tin, lighting, books, watches, plants or flowers fresh.