It is one of the most recognized symbols of Halloween party. And it is that when this date arrives, pumpkins are everywhere, together to the bats and the skulls. If you like them, you're in luck. Today we are going to tell you how you can make yourself beautiful pumpkin lanterns to light up your house in the darkest night of the year.

pumpkin lanternsPumpkins are one of the most characteristic elements of Halloween. According to the tradition of this festival (which existed until now in other countries, and which in Spain we are adopting each year with more force), the pumpkins have to be transformed in lanterns or lanterns Illuminate the deceased on Halloween night. They are the typical Jack-o'-lantern, as they are known in Ireland.

And for you to have it really easy, in today's post we are going to tell you how you can make simple beautiful pumpkin lanterns. With them you can put a festive and spooky touch to your home. Or you can also take them out on the balcony or to the window. The project can not be simpler, nor the most beautiful and decorative pumpkin lanterns.

Some pumpkin lanterns as the legend tells

As you probably already know, the Halloween party It is of Irish origin. But do you know why pumpkins are one of their most typical elements? There is an Irish legend that explains it: it is the story of Jack, a miser farmer who managed to deceive the devil and make him promise that he would never take his soul. When the sinner Jack died, he could not enter heaven but neither in hell, so he was condemned to wander the world at night for all eternity.

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To make fun of him, the devil threw a coal ember that would never go out, since it came from the same fire of hell. With her, Jack a flashlight was manufactured emptying a turnip and putting the embers inside, and from then on it is known as Jack the of the lantern o Jack O'Lantern.

But how did the turnip become a pumpkin? When the first Irish arrived in America and they discovered the pumpkin, Very abundant in those latitudes, they realized that it was much easier to carve by hand than the turnips. And that's how the story changed.

The tradition of carving pumpkins to make lanterns spread throughout the world. And so today we bring you a special project so you can make your own Jack-o'-lantern. Take note.

A DIY project within everyone's reach

This work, besides being beautiful and decorative, is very simple to do and not too laborious. Look for some shiny pumpkins, if possible, of different sizes and colors. This is important, since a variety of different pumpkins will allow you to compose a nice set to decorate a window or any corner of your house.

In addition, you will need: some white led lights (you can even recycle some garland of small lights that you have Christmas), a knife, spoons of different sizes, adhesive tape, a drill and a drill (a shovel that Do not be too big, you will be great), and some pipe cleaners.

Empty the interior of pumpkins

This is the first step of the project, and the one that has the most work. To begin, you will have to cut the bottom of the pumpkin to make a flat base on which to settle.

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The gap will help you empty the interior of the pumpkin, and remove all the meat and pips. Scrape with a large spoon to keep it clean.

How to make the holes

It's time make the holes to the pumpkin through which the rays of light will come from inside. The first thing you have to do is mark the points where the holes will go with a piece of adhesive tape.

Place the blade bit in the hole and start making the holes in the points indicated. If you hold the pumpkin firmly, you will have no problem pierce your shell with the drill.

The last step: light the pumpkin

Then wash the pumpkin with water and dry thoroughly. After clean the holes with the help of two or three pipe cleaners, eliminating any residue that may remain in the holes.

Enter a few inside LED light candles of those that work with batteries. It is much safer than using real candles. So you can put your pumpkin lanterns where you want without worrying that a fire can be caused.

An easy and special project that you can do, even with the help of the children, provided that you are the one who handles the drill and the knife, of course. Did you like the project?

Idea and photos: Design Love Fest.