Are you going to celebrate A big party in the darkest night of the year? Well, do not miss this article in which we tell you how you can get the best Halloween wreaths to decorate your entrance door. DIY ideas that you can do yourself easily and creatively.

halloween wreaths eyes
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If you want to welcome your guests as they deserve, do it in the most terrifying way possible, decorating the entrance door with any of these Halloween wreaths capable of making your hair stand on end.

6 really spooky models to complete the decoration of the house from the same door and to the last corner. And it is that when you have finished decorating your crown, it may seem so beautiful that you want to wear it in the most prominent place in the room. Everything is possible.

Halloween crowns for all tastes

More or less dark, fun and more colorful, or fatal and with black as the protagonist. There is a lot of ideas to make spectacular Halloween wreaths. And if you do not take a look at the ones we show you today. All can be a preview of what awaits your guests inside, in the most terrifying party of the year.

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To feel observed ...

Here you have an idea of ​​the most disturbing. A crown of bulging eyes very original that you can make yourself using ping pong balls. In addition, you will need a hot glue gun and a foam crown. The work is very simple: you only have to stick the balls to the foam forming layers, until completely covering the foam surface of the crown.

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Then he sees one eye on each of the balls, of different sizes. Use those that are self-adhesive, much easier to place. When you finish hang the crown on the door. Easier impossible!

Great care! Danger!

Source: HGTV

I love this suggestion to make one of the most amazing and, at the same time, simplest Halloween crowns. You only have to roll a plastic tape that simulates those that are used to delimit the scene of a crime to a crown of foam. Make a kind of loop with the same ribbon to decorate the crown.

With this idea you will be giving your guests a warning of all the terror that can be found at the party. The caution tape can be purchased at DIY centers and hardware stores and also online stores.

With thousands of bugs

Source: HGTV

Making a wreath of bugs for the entrance door to your house is a great idea for Halloween that will not cost you anything to put into practice. You will need a crown of dry branches and a pack of plastic insects, better in cheerful colors.

Stick the bugs to the crown with the hot glue gun, so that they are spread across the surface. What is easy?

A crown decorated with snakes

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You can make your Halloween crowns and decorate them with snakes, so they are scary. You will only need, in addition to a crown of foam, black wool and toy snakes of the color and material you prefer, more or less real, depending on the result you want to achieve. A little bit of glue and that's it!

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Of course, place the snakes so that the heads point in different directions, to give a greater sense of movement.

The most dismal of the neighborhood

Source: HGTV

This model is really scary. Look for a wreath of dried branches and some oxidized chains. Surely in the costume and special effects stores have them lying, with their shackles and all. You can use fine wire (or even narrow black flanges) to attach the chain to the structure and prevent it from moving.

Roll the chains in the crown and finish the set placing a black crow to give it greater mystery effect. Simply terrifying!

A funny model

Source: Chicken Scratch NY

But all is not scary on Halloween, so if the party is childish or you want a more fun (and less deadly) style you also have this idea to decorate the door. A very decorative crown, with a hairy spider and the letters that form the word BOO ...

You will need: a wreath of dry branches, black spray paint, wooden letters (a B and two O), white string, orange paint, fine wire or a glue gun, a large toy spider.

To make the crown, begin by painting a little the structure of branches with black paint. After make the cobweb inside the crown with the white string. Paint the letters with orange paint and let it dry.

When they are dry, attach them to the top of the crown with wire or glue them with the glue gun. Finish by sticking the spider on the bottom. You already have it.

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Any of these Halloween wreaths are perfect to put a terrifying touch to the entrance from your house. More than one will be afraid to ring the bell.