Reading is the door that connects us with the imagined worlds. From the moment the children begin their formal education it is important to instill in them the love for them; Initially interested in illustrations, children should have an environment conducive to delight in books. No obstacle must exist between the child and the book. We must give them all the tools so that reading is more than a game for them. Neither for us adults should have difficulties to undertake a literary journey, although the night is our favorite time to read and this can disturb those who share our environment. To encourage the enjoyment of this activity we can implement in our accessories, fun and eye-catching resources that remind us that we have an appointment with other worlds. The little ones will be attracted by colorful books, illustrations, movement, innovative accessories.


The brand HEPL pages! It is a striking and very funny clip with small arms, which remind us of a human signal of help. Inside the books, when we are already using them, it will seem like small people are trapped inside the pages and ask for our collaboration. To open the page! Let's continue reading Each set contains five clips, made of stainless steel; the size of each one is 45 x 12 mm. It is easy to acquire, just visit the website