If I tell you «Make Homing!», you are likely to say: "OK, but what is that?" Home, means house in English, and although I am not sure that the term exists as such in English Homing it would be something like "marrying", "decorating" or "making houses".


Therefore, the name of Homing It refers to a virtual simulator that can be found on the Internet and with which we can decorate our next home metro by metro, either by reforming the current one or creating it on empty walls in what will be our new home.

Actually Homing is a furniture store and the simulator is a service so that customers can see how the furniture is before taking them home. An excellent idea the truth, since we do not have to imagine how it is going to be, we are going to know it.

Its use is very simple although somewhat laborious. The first thing we must do to start the installation of a necessary program. From here we must create, on a white plane, the rooms and spaces of our home; we must choose the floor, the colors of the wall, etc ... so everything is as similar as the original stay. Once created, we go to the second step, decorating. From the furniture that we see in the catalog we are going to furnish the rooms that we want, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc ... The last step is to decide what we want and what not and make it a reality, that is, make the purchase.

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