There are so many things we can do to decorate the house easily and without the need to invest money ...

Today I bring you an easy project to carry out and that can be useful for you decorate a table, a wall or a path and, if you can think of something else, too. It is a manulity through which you can learn to make beautiful tiling.


The materials what you will need are very simple, economical and very easy to find:

  • A wooden frame
  • Cut glasses
  • Self-adhesive paper
  • Small stones
  • Concrete

This is the process step by step that you must follow to make your tiles:

  • Remove the protector from the self-adhesive paper and leave the part containing the glue facing up
  • Place the frame on the self-adhesive paper
  • Select the glass cutouts and place them in the desired way on the frame
  • Sprinkle, evenly spreading the small stones on the wooden frame
  • Prepare the cement mixture
  • Place the cement on the frame and on the glass and stones without covering them. Keep in mind that both the cement and the stones and glass must be at the same height so that the tile does not have irregularities and so that the glass and stones can be seen.
  • Let the section dry (about 48h approx.)
  • Without being stained by cement, clean the glass with a steel wool.
  • Ready!

It's that easy to make a tile.

In the picture you can see how the tiles would look on a table. However, you can apply this technique also to decorate the path of your garden, to give a little life to a somewhat bland wall or to decorate what comes to mind.

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