In today's article we will give an idea of ​​how to make our own Tea bags, made with fabric. If you want to decorate the table, for all your guests, do not miss this simple idea. In addition we can also use them as gift bags.

The materials What we need are the following:

  • Fine fabric in rustic style
  • Sewing machine
  • Hilo
  • Tea
  • Labels for tea bags
  • Nylon bags to place the bags

The first thing we will do is cut the fabric, for the sachet, the size we want. Then we sew by machine or by hand, on three sides leaving an opening to pass a thread, the color we like, by the upper area. We sew the thread at the end of the thread, so that we can purse the fabric, to close the end of the bag.

Finally put a label, tea or whatever you want, inside the bags and these inside the nylon bags. Simple and really beautiful