En decor, as in everything in life, there are tastes of all kinds, more or less elegant, more or less tacky and more or less fanatical. It seems perfect to me that people feel passion for something in particular but to the point of turning their house into a sanctuary to Hello Kitty? The interior is even heavier, and even the garden.


Fortunately it seems that it is not the house of an individual but a kind of tourist mansion of the pink kitten made in Japan, where else.






You know, if you like the Hello Kitty add-ons little by little you can customize your house or room in the purest style of this cute kitten ...


  1. diossssssssss ...... beauty never had seen something like that, I love that house, I would like to have the pleasure of knowing it, it is lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like a if ... =)

  2. Aaaayy god imagine girls ?? that all fans of hello kitty good nomas a few 10 per day let's live there! aaahh would be a dream superr = D

  3. Quee linda kasiita en vdd I would like to meet her !!! I'm a fan of hello kity since I was a girl and my father could know more about her = D

  4. I love Hello Kitty, I love it, I love the mansion, I love it, it's a headboard on my daughter's bed with the outline of HK ah, and also a pink chair with a beautiful cushion with an obvious SANRIO bow .. I love HELLO KITTY

  5. ooohh !!! Hello I have 10 years and I also love that beautiful kitten HELLO KITTY !!! I support all of you that rich go to that wonderful house I would love to live there chaooo to the fans of kitty: D

  6. Hey, I know you put me green and that's what I wanted to say. I was already kidding and I was with a friend and I could do that and this goes for the sun and claudy

  7. Hello all the hello kitty fans, I'm Valeria Rocio Aldoni can call me Vale I loved the hello kitty mancion is super cute super big and the most important ...... SUPER HELLO KITTY !!!! haha.Laura that house is tourist, Laura if you want to live in that house DILO ONLY !!! No need to lie ok?. Well hope all hello kitty fans could live ai right? haha.Ademas Laura no man who would live in a pink house or not? haha.Imaginate a man living in that house hahaha !!! XDD. Well, a giant kiss for all fans of hello kitty. Chau, Chau LUCK !!!

  8. Laura is a lie that house is only to visit and there nobody lives if it is true and does not want to create fame as she says she would not have said what happens that she wants to show off ... hello kitty I love and they have given me for kings a machine to laminate invitations from her is a pass ... a kiss to all and a very strong to all hello kitty fans ...

  9. Laura lies there no one lives, you want to live there, I love all things kitty is very tender and romantic at the same time.

  10. Laura, I do not know if you've noticed but it's a tourist house. Although I would like to live there, what luck if I saw them I want to see it

  11. I am the one who lives in that luxurious mansion I speak Spanish because my parents are Spanish but they went to Japan but they gave me a Spanish name and I am proud to have that piece of mansion and even though I have this mansion I do not go like some famous chuleandose that his daddy has bought him a ferrari etc. I'm not going to be rich

  12. hello hello kitty is very cool but what a pity that the mansion is not mine because it is very cool if you give it to me to live

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