If you want to learn how to make a beautiful lamp made from coffee filters, keep reading. The materials What we will need are the following:

- a round screen of paper (usually sold on large surfaces or in IKEA)

-Disposable coffee filters


Making these types of lamps is extremely easy. What we intend to do is cover the lamp completely, with these coffee filters. To do this we proceed to lull each filter a little bit and with the help of the silicone gun, we stick it to the base of the lamp.

These bases can be bought at Ikea for very little money, which depends on the dimensions of each screen. We paste the filters carefully to obtain an effect similar to what we see in the images.

We can also generate similar effects with muffin molds. For them we will do exactly the same technique but this time we will introduce several molds inside one to increase the thickness of the ornament.

Now we can decorate any corner of our rooms with this original and striking lamp.