To decorate our tables, parties or any romantic dinner, today in Decoration 2.0 we tell you how to make a beautiful ice candle. The light will give us a beautiful light of bluish tones. Ideal for all types of party and romantic environments.

We can also do it with some wicks to get a beautiful centerpiece. If you want to do it, the materials What you will need to do it will be the following:

- Pan

- Paraffin

- Ice in pieces

- White wide candle

- Glass container

- Green leaves

First we heat the paraffin, in the pot, in the water bath. Then we will place the white candle in the center of a glass container. We will put the pieces of ice around the candle. Now we take the leaves and fix them with the pieces of ice, we put them in the way they stick to the sides of the container, simply as an ornament.

The next step will be to pour the wax into the container; we will pour it carefully, to be even. Fill all the gaps between the ice, covering the leaves.

Then let cool approximately 1 hour. Then we will turn the container over, remove the remaining water and dry the candle. Finally let it dry well for about 10 to 12 approximately hours. After this time we can turn it on without any problem.

If we want in its realization, looking for a wider container, we can put three wicks in this way we will obtain three candles instead of one.

As you can see it is quite easy to make this beautiful candle to decorate the table. What do you think?

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