In today's article we talk about how to make a great centerpiece, that will also be worth as a gift for Mother's Day. The materials What we need will be the following:

  • Glass bottles (the more rare the better)
  • Paint in a color that you like
  • Paper napkins

First we clean the bottles very well, with soap and water. Then dry them well and take the paint of the color that you like and paint it inside. To do this place a little paint inside the bottle and carefully move it until the paint covers the entire interior of the bottle. Whenever you lack paint, add more.

Remove the excess paint and place the bottles upside down so that all the paint remains, then let them dry well. Once the flowers are done, we can add beautiful flowers, think of the flowers that your mother likes the most or, if you are going to use it as a centerpiece, think of the ones that best suit your decoration.

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  1. Hello ... I really like your idea, I had in mind to do something similar with bottles ... What type of paint did you use ???
    Thank you

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