En Decoration 2.0 We have already shown you how to make a great lantern, in an artisan way, with the help of permanents. This time we will do it with acetate and leaves and natural petals.

For the decoration of any room of our home, the lanterns will provide a warm and relaxed atmosphere. If you like the lanterns, do not miss this article. Point!

To give color to our environments, we will use real leaves and petals. The materials what we will need are the following.

- Fresh leaves and petals
- Self-adhesive transparent acetate 60 cm x 30 cm
- Griddle
- Color thread
- Drill

The first step will be to get rid of the humidity of the leaves and the petals that we have collected. For this we will carefully pass the iron.

Then we will press them, to do it it is enough to place on them a heavy object, a book ... also the absorbent papers will also help us.

The second step will be to cut the acetate sheet in two parts. We will take a part and stick in this the pressed leaves and petals. Remember that you must remove the protective paper of the acetate so that it sticks well.

Once the pages are glued, we will place the other acetate on them. We will do it with care, so that it is well adhered. Make sure they do not occur, otherwise you just need to prick them gently with a small pin.

Now we will make perforations on the sides of the acetate, to join the holes with a thread. Choose the color that you like, and knot the thread.

Finally, inside the cylinder, we will place a glass container that will be used to place water and floating candles.

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