In today's article we tell you how to make a great mobile made with feathers. You can hang it in your child's crib or in any corner that you like. This idea is great for romantic environments.

The materials what we will need are:

  • An embroidery hoop (or any other hoop)
  • A stick or any straight utensil
  • White paint
  • Brush or brush
  • Wool thread (in this case pale pink and white)
  • False pens of different colors, sizes and designs (you can find them at any craft store)

The first thing we have to do is paint the chosen arc of a neutral white color. Now take the yarn and measure the length you want, to cut twice this.

Once the double of the measure of the thread is cut, we have just cut all the threads and we are knotting them around the hoop. Between thread and thread it leaves a space of 1 cm, in this way the feathers will not collide with each other.

Now we take the feathers and knot them in each of the threads. Instead of threads we can put ribbons of colors or threads with small inserted beads.

If you want to hang it, just add a ribbon or a small rope in the upper area and ready to place it wherever you like.