As we said yesterday, the recycling can become part of our life ... almost everything can be recycled, restored and reused ... with ingenuity and creativity we can make beautiful decorative and functional objects.

This time we see how to make this beautiful candleholder using just any plastic bottle that was left to throw. They can be refraco bottles.

We just need as many bottles as candleholder we want to make. We will also do something cutting like a knife or sharp knife. This time consists of take advantage of the last part of the bottle, that is, the lower support area. With it we will make some beautiful candleholder to decorate our tables.

First we will clean the bottles very well what are we going to use Then with the help of a cutter we will make an incision in it and we will cut it. Try to make the cut clean, do not use saw knives. Once cut only remains to locate the selected candle inside.

If you want to decorate it you can put a rubber band, as you can see in the image so that the edges do not cut. We can also paint our candle holder, with acrylics of the color that we like the most.

Another ingenious idea is to fill the sand candle holder and locate some shells. Or paint it white and fill it with water and some petals ... to then locate the beautiful candle.

Only you decide that you like it. I hope it will be of great help.

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