This time we will learn to make beautiful candlesticks with just a few glasses and a little paint. This craft will be perfect to decorate a cozy corner at home.

The materials what we will need are:

Glass beakers

Spray paint
Adhesive paper or adhesive tape
A cloth
Candle tealita

First we will prepare the glasses by washing them and drying them very well. Choose glasses with beautiful shapes, in this way you will call much more attention. Once dry we cover adhesive paper areas that we do not want to be painted and if we are going to paint we leave them free. You can use a cuter to make the shapes, but remember to do it carefully so as not to damage the glass.

Now on a surface on newspaper and paint the glasses with spray. Paint evenly and let them dry.

Well dried, we will carefully remove the adhesive from the glasses and wipe them with a damp cloth. Take care not to make it strong so that the paint does not come off.

Finally we introduce stones that we like and place the candle inside. Ready to decorate any corner.