Muchos cultural movements and artistic have marked a before and after in the history of our society, in fact if we open the trunk of memories the rock it will appear as a rebellious and youthful expression that influenced several generations even in our days.


La decor is not exempt from this affectation Italian designer creates furnishings and thematic highlights about the genre, an innovative and creative idea that can mark a remarkable differential within the spaces.



The idea is fresh and youthful with great vitality, it tries to introduce within the spaces common forms in the rock atmosphere to make with the same high-profile decorative pieces capable of attracting the attention even of those who are not adept to the genre, the company that markets them is called rocket design and you can make online purchases from your website to everyone.


The interaction of durable and modern materials, like the polymers, gives the piece its Avant-garde character, while his morphology perfectly respects the original pieces on which it was inspired, but watch this pretty coffee table


While the thematic is juvenile, the creators imagined and they do it very well, that a large part of the true rock and roll lovers They are people of average age, who left adolescence long ago, and therefore the need to create pieces of furniture for somewhat non-traditional but extremely useful functions, in this case the designer presents us with a beautiful wine cellar completely built in plastic and recyclable plastic alloys.

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This decorative style It is ideal for those people who want to give an air youthful and carefree to your apartment or room, on the other hand we must emphasize that personally the mimas is ideal for recording studios and record companies which will be found in the designs of Rocket Desing, a remarkable way to identify and differentiate your company from the rest of the competitors.