Envy, that's what it gives me to see these images. Maybe it does not have much to do with decoration, but in Decoration 2.0 we talk to you on many occasions about the ways in which decoration and building can help us save energy, and for that reason I have been forced to show you this video.

It is about the city of Utrech, at rush hour in the morning during the spring season. The traffic of bicibletas is incessant, for one side for others, men and women of all the ages cross the city in bibicleta to arrive at their places of work.

The absence of noise that is perceived is a real joy, only interrupted by the passage of the odd car, buses and trams. Now imagine for a moment that all that many people carry a car instead of a bicycle, the traffic jams would be monumental, similar to those formed in Madrid, Barcelona or any other European capital.

Obviously, those who have to make long journeys such as city changes or exit to roads, can not perform this practice but, let's face it, how many of us take the car in our city to travel more than a kilometer ?.

I think that if we did it more often, we would take better care of our health and help the environment recover.

Said remains.