The decoration always manages to give a twist to the things already invented or at least modify them to give them a novel touch. That happens with these new wall ovens of the American firm. wall ovens1They are wall ovens with a certain retro air, with vivid colors (up to 100 colors to choose from) and rounded itch. Definitely with a certain sixties air.

We can find them in two different models: with a single door (24 inches) or with two (30 pulgads and 36); They work through Convection and have a quick ignition system that will help you to make your meals in the most efficient way.

As we can see on their website, they only distribute to the US and Canada, and in their online store you can only access accessories and other minor products, in no case to the appliances. While we will trust that they will soon reach the old continent.

More information: BlueStar

Vía: Designmilk