We choose a sunny day of the weekend to go to the countryside, as a family, and to enjoy nature, the fresh air and the tranquility that a small stream of crystal clear water transmits to us. Ideally we would like to be there the whole day and at the peak of comfort, in this relaxed place, take a delicious meal. Reality does not impose a sandwich and a hot drink because of the ambient temperature.


There are always solutions and the PORTABLE MINI REFRIGERATOR, from ECOTOPIA, will help us survive in the summer, no matter where we are and without polluting the environment, since, unlike traditional refrigerators, this eco-friendly refrigerator does not use any refrigerant. The technology with which it was made means that it only needs to consume a tiny amount of electrical energy, allowing to save up to 6 liters and the ease of connecting it to any electrical outlet or to the battery of a car or a yacht. The mini refrigerator is perfect for taking food in the field, to take it with us on the road, to the office or to use it wherever we need to keep frozen or refrigerated food. It is equipped with an advanced thermoelectric system that allows you to convert, at the push of a button, into a food heat conservator. Its cooling capacity is of 17º C below the ambient temperature, and that of heating is 65º C. Its size is 38 cm in height, 21 cm in width and 28 cm in depth. Visit www.ecotopia.co.uk.