Discover how to eliminate mold from the walls! This small fungus can be found both in the open air and in interior areas; There are many varieties of this microscopic species. Its best proliferation will be in warm and humid conditions, reproducing and propagating through spores.

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Prevention of mold on the walls

The best way to avoid mold on the walls is to prevent. And it is already saying the saying: prevention is better than cure. And this is one of those cases because the solution to remove mold from the walls needs a lot of dedication.

Take note of these tips to prevent mold on the walls:

  1. Avoid humidity. In places like the bathroom, it is important to open the windows so that it is well ventilated and prevent the walls from becoming filled with moisture. Another way to avoid humidity in places where the problem is overflowing is with dehumidifiers. And also take special care with the humidity in the cabinets that can ruin all your clothes or what they contain.
  2. Sunlight. Mold grows in shaded spaces so if a room receives sunlight it will often be more difficult for it to reproduce the mold. Open the curtains!
  3. Anti-mildew paints. There are special paints that we can use in those walls where the mold has left sometimes or because of the humidity that we think may happen.
  4. Cleaning of wet areas. Having the wet areas and in continuous contact with the water very clean and dry will prevent mold from arising. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are two good products that we can use for sinks. It is also important clean shower curtains correctly to avoid moisture.
  5. Dry clothes. Avoid drying clothes inside your house, and if you do try to make it in a ventilated room and nothing wet. Also be careful with towels and other items that have to be dried in at least 24 hours or else they may be a source of moisture and mold.
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  1. When it says bleach spor not mention marks but it is chlorine used to disinfect the 99% is used to disinfect the furniture of daily use that was influenza this part is important since the mold are fungi and bacteria that inevitably damage our health if it is not done in time at the beginning is not perceived only give headaches dizziness itchy skin in the throat and continues to worsen as the respiratory tract can reach the bronchi or even worse our lungs so much cuudado ya disinfect!!

  2. I would like to know what type of bleach the article refers to and what are those "specialized sites" where you can find them (drugstores, hardware stores, paint stores ...?)

  3. Hello Silvia!
    I am from Argentina and would like to do this cleaning treatment of a stain that I have on a part of the bathroom ceiling.
    When you say "bleach" to which you refer? Is there a brand so you can give me an idea of ​​what kind of product it is? In what type of stores is it sold?
    The «trisodium phosphate» I believe that in a chemistry I get it, verdar?

    Thanks for your help!



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