Subscription of flowering plants, Chinese carnation

Plants play a very important role in the decoration of our interior and exterior spaces, because they give a fresh air, of life and color that other type of decorative elements can not contribute no matter how beautiful they may be.

Today we bring you a series of General tips for fertilizing your pot or garden plants during the spring and summer months to get well and maintain vigorous and healthy providing greater splendor to our decoration:

  • It is recommended fertilize each 15 days the plants that live in pot and 1 once a month the garden plants (although fertilizer manufacturers can give other indications, this advice is applied by many garden centers)
  • We will begin in the month of March (including February) paying all kinds of plants with a fertilizer for green plants, which will help in the development of the new shoots after the winter break.
  • For flower plants from April May we will change to a fertilizer of flower plants, to stimulate the creation of flowers and fruits. In green plants we can continue with a universal subscription.
  • Come the month of September we can choose a slow release or controlled release (It is good with one of 6 months) to keep our plants in good condition facing the winter until the spring cycle arrives again.

With these simple tips for subscribing your plants of patios, terraces and gardens you can keep them green, florid and vigorous thus improving the decoration of your spaces.

Vía: Garden center tips Viveros Ferca