The fans-lamp little by little they have fallen into disuse, it is becoming more and more complicated to see them in a decoration. It is possible that the reason is due to the fact that, although they are very functional, on an aesthetic level it is a priori they do not fit with any decoration and it is not about spectacular pieces ...

Despite all the above, if you have an old fan-lamp at home or if you are thinking of integrating one in the decoration of any room in the house, today I propose an idea that will help you to renew or customize it. In this way you will be able to give it a new air, renew it and personalize it, easily integrating it with the rest of the decor.

The idea is to add an original detail that, with just a little paint, you can get. Look:


All you have to do is select the most suitable one, the one that best matches the rest of the decoration or the one you like the most and paint the fan blades ...
In the image above you can see that a zig-zag motif has been added to it. However, you can bet on straight lines or any other design.
To paint the fan, make a template on paper: in the form of a straight line, curved shapes, zig-zag ... And with the help of it, make the design on the blades.

It is a very simple idea but it is also very original, that will turn any fan-lamp without grace into an original and charming piece.