Do your walls show the grungy finish that was so fashionable? If you are tired of seeing your old walls day after day and would like to give them a completely new and much more decorative look, do not hesitate and take our step by step tutorial on how to remove the gotelé.

It is understood by gotelé that technique of painting walls which consists in spreading thick, plastic or tempera paint on the wall. The result is a very particular grime finish that has been present in our homes for many years. And what was once a trend, today is so unattractive that it is normal that this tutorial on how to remove the gotelé comes to you like a glove.

How to remove the gotele - hangers by creating
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Maybe the gotelé was the most a few decades ago. In fact, it was one of the most usual finishes in what to paint walls was referring. However, today it is a technique that is totally outdated and that is no longer used. In fact, the most normal thing is that it ends up eliminating from the walls sooner or later. That one thing is that we are passionate the vintage style, and quite another to have to live with the gotelé.

How to remove the brown wall gotele
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If you are one of those who suffer from gotelé in your home and that every day is more horrified with it, do not suffer. There are several procedures to end the gotelé without dying in the attempt. Come on, it is possible to do it almost effortlessly and without having to spend a lot of time and money on it. We tell you the different methods that you have at your fingertips.

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How to remove the gotelé by applying a specific product

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There are different methods to remove the gotelé from the walls. The first one we're going to talk about is about remove it by applying a specific product for it. What is achieved is to soften the paint so that later it can be removed by scratching with a kind of spatula, in a simple way and without almost effort.

One of the advantages of the current methods to eliminate the gotelé is that you can do it yourself, with the consequent saving of money that this supposes. In fact, a few years ago it was not so easy and removing the gotelé became a task that increased the budget, since it had to be entrusted to professionals.

Today you can end this unsightly enemy of your walls, whether it is tempera, or plastic paint. Start with protect the floor of the room well, as well as the profiles of the windows and the frame of the doors. You know, the more you protect, the less you'll have to clean up afterwards. Do not forget to remove the skirting boards, and then dilute the product (it is an eco-stabilizer) in an 10% of water and apply it with the help of a roller all over the wall in the most uniform way possible. Spray the entire surface with water and wait a while for the paint to soften. Now scratch the clumps of the gotelé with the help of a scraper (you can get an adequate kit that already has the products and the scraper you need).

Finally, if the gotelé is tempered, spray water again on the wall and remove it completely with the bowl, a tool that is used for this purpose. In case the gotele is made of plastic paint, you will have to replace this last step with the application of a leveling paste.

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How to remove the gotelé with a bottle cover product

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This way of eliminating gotelé is usually used when it is made of plastic paint, and not when tempering. After scraping a little the lumps on the wall (especially if they are very large), a cover-bottle product is applied to cover it and leave the wall completely smooth. There are three products that are used for this purpose:

  1. Powdered product: comes prepared to mix with water and make the mixture. It is applied with spatula or trowel and allows to level the surfaces and completely smooth the wall. Surfaces up to 5 mm can be smoothed. of relief applying a single layer.
  2. Product in paste: It is already purchased ready to use. You just have to remove it so that the texture is homogeneous and start working. Apply with the help of the spatula or trowel. With the paste you can match walls up to 4 mm. of relief.
  3. Cubregotelé to apply with roller: It is the easiest way to remove the gotelé. It is a less thick product than the paste that is ready to be applied with a roller. To finish with the gotelé you only have to spread the product in a homogeneous way to cover the relief (you achieve it with a single pass).

Here I leave this illustrative video in which Leroy Merlin professionals tell you how you can remove the gotelé yourself.

If at any time you have wanted decorate your walls in an updated and ingenious way, as for example, with nice vinyl, wallpaper or a socket, sure that the first thing that has occurred to you is to end the happy gotelé. And as you have seen, it is not so complicated or so hard to end forever with this seventies finish of the walls. Do you dare with our step by step how to remove the gotelé from the walls?

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Do not forget that after all the effort removing the gotelé, you can also improve the appearance of your walls by selecting a suitable painting for the space, and for that, nothing better than color simulators like Bruguer paintings or the Titan paintings.

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