How to set up the youth quarters, return to Uni!

Although we do not want to see it the summer begins to say goodbye. The house needs to be prepared to take the new work and school rhythm. And of all the rooms, it will be a priority to prepare the youth quarters because the return to the university is just around the corner. Surely in these summer months many things have happened in them and anarchy has reigned. Touch to change the clutter for good planning.

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Let no one be scared at the idea of ​​tuning the juvenile rooms of the house. It is clear that they are their most private domestic territories and they mark their style and other aesthetic norms. But a few decorative changes strategically thought They can be of great help to face the study and classes with a very good footing.

Set up the juvenile rooms: a color scheme

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Maybe a good way to fine-tune the youth quarters of home is giving a chromatic turn to space. The plan may consist of renew the color of the walls. Perhaps painted in a too neutral tone that is not stimulating when it comes to concentrating at the study table. If so, it can be a fantastic opportunity to brand new the color under the maxim that any warm and enveloping tone, like orange, will work all right. Or play with a mix of two superbly balanced colors, like the greige and white

When the room is shared, grooming the juvenile rooms will mean total involvement with your brother or partner. And more if it's about chromatic decisions that we will have to see daily. Propose a scheme based on a single color in various intensities is a practical solution to agree between two. In addition, it will be easier to make a change in the decoration without a single predominant color conditioning us.

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The bed: a place not only for sleeping

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When we talk about fixing the juvenile rooms of the house, it is not about Make move. Nor of give up those furniture that are still running. But it is true that the comfort of some will have to be improved, and among them the bed will be a priority. On the one hand, there will be choose that battle bedding that allows them to spend their lives lying on it. It is a reality that during these ages most young people transform their bed in their place to live almost 24 hours of the day. To read, listen la music with their helmets or see the latest series connected to the tablet.

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In addition to thinking about designs that are in line with their aesthetic tastes, comfort should prevail. Think about bedspread and reversible bedspreads to change the image from time to time just by turning them over. And bet on the one hundred percent cotton textiles or a high percentage in its composition. They breathe very well and are the best allies against possible allergies.

It is very likely that the kids like it read lying on the pillow. Or do a last minute review for an exam. If so, it will not hurt to reinforce that rest point with cushions and large cushions. The more fluffy the better. They will be the final touch to fine-tune the youth quarters successfully.

A quality and prolonged dream

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When it comes to setting up the juvenile rooms, we will have to be alert to certain unforeseen events. How to make a mattress change because its useful life has expired. Or if we prefer, adapt a topper to buy a new one. Nothing like choose the best mattress for a student child who needs many hours of sleep and quality. It will be a guarantee for that sleeps placidly and correctly. When they lose their firmness it is time to start thinking about a renewal, because they can start to sleep worse and have back pain.

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Choose the new model Mattress without counting them will not be a good idea. It is important Take into account your preferences and know your favorite position. As for the height, it may be advisable to opt for an extra-long model if the young person is going to continue growing. The viscoelastic designs they can be a very suitable option, because adapt to the shape of the body, especially to the back. But do not forget to check if that mattress goes well on the bed frame or base of your bed.

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There is another aspect impossible to forget when tuning the juvenile rooms of any home: have a bed for the friend. If the room does not give more than itself in its distribution, it is a question of supporting us in solutions that we can adapt in another room. The puffs that hide a simple bed inside They can be our salvation. And it will only be necessary to take them to the bedroom when necessary.

A very very casual order

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The order is vital in the bedrooms of the youngest of the house, but with certain conditions. That is, it must be present and do it in a casual way. The secret is to tune the juvenile rooms through Decorative ideas that make life easier. Have everything at hand, or in sight without that there are symptoms of chaos.

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And there are many ways to achieve it. For example bet on auxiliary furniture conceived to promote a true sense of order rather casual. Without going any further, donkeys and racks with wheels will be able to become authentic allies to improvise dressing rooms and have clothes at hand. Without forget to reserve a space to place organizers on the walls, such as those made by a pedestrian board. Neither give up their pictures and pictures have the size they have. Put juvenile rooms to point, of course, showing a living decoration.

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