If you are looking for details for the decoration of your children's room, today we give you an original and striking proposal for these rooms.

Besides being a corative article, these chicks can be a good decoration for Easter eggs. The little ones can participate in its decoration.

We can decorate both chocolate eggs and normal ones. If we use these last ones we will empty them completely. After doing it we painted them in colors, this time in yellow and white.

To make the eyes of the chicks, we will make them with a black marker. The peaks, crests and legs will be made of felt.

The peaks will be two felt triangles. Cut with scissors and paste carefully. We do the same with the legs and the crests, we will cut them with scissors and we glue with care.

To make this craft we can acquire eggs of different sizes in this way the chicks will be large, small and medium. We will make groups and so we can decorate the corner that we like most in Easter or children's parties.