Humidity, both indoors and outdoors, is often a problem that gives us many headaches.
Painting can help, but the truth is that before the humidity, there is no painting that wins the battle, it is best to locate the problem and stop it from its root.
The certain thing is that the humidity is a problem something complicated to solve.

Today we are going to expose the possible causes of humidity, so that in this way you can locate the reason causing the humidity and from there you get down to work to end it.


- Moisture can be caused by the rupture of some pipe. In this case you must locate the broken pipe and repair it. Once the pipe is repaired, it is convenient that you wait a few months before fixing the wall, in a few months it will be ready for you to give it the proper treatment and paint it.
- The humidity by condensation, is a type of humidity caused by temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the house, which together with the humidity cause the water in the state of gas to adhere to the walls and keep them constantly wet.
One of the most effective solutions to this type of humidity is to maintain a correct ventilation of the environment.
- The moisture that comes from outside It is very easy to identify, since the wall usually has damp exteriors or in contact with water, such as gardens, gutters, rains, etc.
Faced with this situation, it is best to waterproof the wall with bituminous paint or with some type of membrane to prevent the passage of water and consequently the humidity in the wall.
- One of the most common cases is moisture in foundations and walls. This type of humidity comes from the earth, it sneaks through the foundations and becomes visible a few centimeters from the ground.
To eliminate or lessen the effect of this type of moisture you have two options. One option is to waterproof the wall based on an injection treatment of specific and indicated products for this problem. The other option is the placement of anti-humidity plates.


  1. Very successful with the painting: before a problem of moisture will only serve to hide the humidity for a while, until it falls or leaves mold. In the case of wall moisture there are also solutions by means of electrosmosis systems, very interesting to avoid having to do work and in price when it is already a few m2. Greetings,

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