From Japan we get these curious speakers that have caught my attention. It is a design that combines high technology with natural inspiration, a union of two elements that a priori are totally antagonistic.

pumpkin speakers

His name is «Hyoutan» and it is about speakers that are embedded in a pumpkin-shaped structure. It contains two speakers in the same module and also has a mini adder to connect to the iPod and other audio players.

It can be hung on the ceiling or placed on a table or some shelf. In one way or another, it will be the center of attention for all visits.


Its producer is the Japanese company Bird Electron and the 18.500 Yens sale price (140 €). When entering your website we discovered that it is not the only model of this type, but there are several of the same style to choose from. Enter Bird Electron and choose yours.

Via: The Design Blog