At last! The new one is here Ikea 2017 catalog. They promised a lot of news with their advertising spots and we can attest that they meant it. The new Ikea catalog is full of new ideas, furniture and colors that will surely dazzle more than one. Are you one of them? Check out the IKEA 2017 Catalog in pdf version and you tell us

«Goodbye complications. Welcome good times »This is how the new Ikea 2017 catalog is presented. With this motto, Ikea tries to «Simplify your life at home so that it is more enjoyable and fun». And we do not say it, but the catalog itself on its first page. They also assure that they have focused on the world of cooking because many people find it difficult to spend so many hours cooking.

So, if you are one of those who seek to enjoy the home attentive and attentive to all these news because they are fully designed to make comfort and practicality a reality.

catalog of ikea 2017

The new kitchens of IKEA 2017

The kitchens are the undisputed protagonists of the new Ikea 2017 catalog. Each time we spend more hours in this room: preparing the next day's meal, making tuppers for the whole week, trying to cook a healthy dinner and a full breakfast ... Eating healthy requires spending time in the kitchen and that, is already a reality in the day to day of many and many.

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Here we leave some of the novelties that Ikea offers for the new kitchens of the next season.

new kitchens in ikea 2017 catalog

The kitchens that Ikea proposes for the next year are spacious kitchens, full of natural light and also with large windows. White and wood are the materials that are most seen in this new catalog (as for kitchens) while some, like the kitchen in the following photograph, are presented with an original and modern touch.

kitchens in wood and dark shades in ikea 2017 catalog

As you can see, white is still present, but cabinets and walls appear in intense colors like navy blue. As for example, this kitchen of very original uneven prints. The wood, in this case, is replaced by its version in wicker, straw or cane (You can see it in the lamp, the decorations on the wall and the carpet).

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The most important thing, besides the aesthetics, is that Ikea offers us new ideas to keep the kitchen clean and ordered.

ideas to keep the kitchen clean and tidy in ikea catalog 2017

ideas of kitchens in white and details in catalog of ikea 2017

News in the Salons of the IKEA 2017 catalog

The halls cease to be exhibitors and impeccable places and they become living spaces full of life, with spaces for everything and everyone. Tables made with wooden boxes, original walls, armchairs for the whole family and plants, many plants sneak into the halls of Ikea 2017.

news for ikea catalogs in 2017

ideas for living rooms and plants in ikea catalog 2017

halls in ikea 2017 catalog and matching cushions
IKEA catalog 2017 salons

IKEA catalog 2017 salons IKEA catalog 2017 salons

News in the bedrooms of IKEA 2017

The bedrooms of the IKEA 2017 catalog are presented with a great protagonist: organizers. Boxes of cloth, wicker, donkeys, 'naked' bars, shelves on the walls abound ... All this with a common denominator: a very cozy industrial style. As for the color? white and wood are still in the top 1. Of course, there is no lack of color and originality in any Ikea bedroom. If not, check it yourself.

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IKEA 2017 catalog new products

IKEA 2017 catalog new productsIKEA 2017 catalog new productsIKEA 2017 catalog new productsIKEA 2017 catalog new products

The new IKEA 2017 bathrooms

Gone is the pristine white of the usual bathrooms. First, the white tiles are dyed in colors such as yellow or green. Further, in the new bathrooms everything is organized so we do not lose a minute in the morning. Neither we nor the smallest of the house.

Oh! Stay tuned for the second photograph. In it you can see how Ikea gets A small bathroom is as (or more) cozy as an immense one.

IKEA 2017 catalog bathrooms news IKEA 2017 catalog bathrooms news IKEA 2017 catalog bathrooms news IKEA 2017 catalog bathrooms news

The novelties of the IKEA 2017 catalog for children!

The IKEA 2017 catalog comes full of surprises and news for the smallest of the house. Beds with colored canopies, fun carpets, animal cushions ... with all these details decorate a children's room it will be a piece of cake

IKEA 2017 catalog children's novelties IKEA 2017 catalog children's novelties IKEA 2017 catalog children's novelties IKEA 2017 catalog children's noveltiesIKEA 2017 catalog children's novelties

Was it true or not? Do you think that the novelties of the IKEA 2017 catalog are designed to make our lives easier? It is the motto of the new campaign and they have made it clear with their fun advertising spot. What have you entered from the catalog to make your 2017 more comfortable and practical? Tell us what you think about the news! You can visit in other post other news in the Ikea catalog 2015 in Spanish.


  1. Which one that contains poorly designed drawers and that kill children? How awful

  2. I loved the magazine, its elements for the kitchen and some things to have very organized my home !!!!. I love IKEA !!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  3. I would like to work in one of its stores, but I am located in Medellin Colombia, and when I go to USA I have to settle for taking only the ideas to my country, I would like to know if you have thought of placing stores in Colombia

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