Idapt it shows that functionality and design are not at odds. It is a charger designed to contribute to energy savings and security in the home and office thanks to its efficient electronics and the switch that it incorporates.


With him it ended up having different chargers for different devices distributed by all the plugs of the house since its technology allows to load several devices at the same time: three, in particular.

Its three pins are different and can load various portable electronic devices such as mobiles, MP3, digital cameras, PSP, PAD, GPS, Bluetooth ... and its design facilitates the connection and disconnection of all of them in a comfortable and simple way. The plugs are interchangeable and allow, now and in the future, to charge the different electronic devices.

At present it is only available in black and gray, but for future promotions a new range of colors will be incorporated, such as white, green or orange.

idapt colors

The models that are compatible for now with Idapt are: Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Motorola, LG, Samsung 1, Samsung 2, Sony Ericsson 1, Sony Ericsson 2, iPod and Nintendo, and also for those who use Mini-USB type connectors . As they are marketed and appearing in the market, the catalog will be expanded.

The price of the base and four connectors to choose from is 43,06 eur and each extra pin, 6,85 eur.

Official Site: IdaptWeb

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