Decorating with paper flowers can be a great idea for romantic decorations, weddings, Christmas or other events. Therefore, today in Decoration 2.0, we will talk about the step by step to make hanging paper flowers.

These pompoms of paper flowers are perfect because they will never wither and keep their shape and colors happy for a long time. The materials we will need will be:

Fine wire

Ball Poliespam 15 cm diameter

Silk paper (two shades of the same color)


Pencil to mark

A circular mold to mark (I use a glass)

Satin ribbon

Since we are going to make many equal pieces, it will be better to work in series ... so we will finish earlier. First take the tissue paper and fold it as we see in the photograph. Think that the width of the band of the paper itself will depend on the size of the flower we want to make. Thus the circumferences have a diameter of 50 mm. Remember that the bigger the flower, the less pieces we have to make ... but less dense will remain. The smaller with more volume will remain.

Remember that you can make them in a single color or mix and match tones and colors. Make the design that you like.

Once we have cut out the circles, fasten them with some tweezers so they do not go away. Try to make groups of 10 sheets, as long as you have taken the indicated measures. On this occasion 18 colored flowers have been used for a ball of about 15cm in diameter ... a total of 36 sets.

Now take a group of 10 sheets and a punch or something similar like a pair of scissors. This will make two holes in the center of the group separated from each other by about 5mm. Now cut 15 cm of wire and make a fold with your fingers.

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When we have made all the holes, we will pass through them the wire to which we have given the form and we braid it so that the circumferences do not go away.

Once we have all the leaves strung, it will be enough to go crumpling them with the fingers separating each circle.

Make as many flowers as you need. This craft is so simple that we can ask the little ones to help us with the task.

The next step will be to take a pencil and more wire, now we will fold this and leave a circle where we will pass the ribbon that will keep the craft hanging. Close the wire with a braid.

We screw the wire into the poliespam ball and add a colored ribbon that we like. Think about the length of it and cut where you want.

Now you see nailing all the flowers on the surface of the poliespam ball. Cover it up in its entirety, but remember that before we nail them we will have to cut the remaining stem or wire. Just leave a stem of about 4cmm in length.

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