En Decoration 2.0 we talk to you, on many occasions, of decoration based on flowers. For that reason today we will give a nice idea to make flowers on paper. In this way we can make beautiful compositions for the decoration of our rooms.

The materials What we will need to carry out this activity will be:

Napkins, one color or several

A stick, straw or similar


This activity is really simple and we can use any type of paper, in this case they are napkins. The flowers can be made as big as we want, for it is enough to go joining napkins together.

If we choose colored napkins, we can create really original bouquets of flowers. Choose from a single color for elegant environments.

To begin we open the napkin and bend it to form a triangle, then take the stick and stick it on the corner end of the napkin -triangle- If you do not have glue you can always screw the stick to the napkin.

Now go winding the napkin, giving it the shape of a rose carefully - look at the image - if you want, to make it look better, add a little bit of glue at the end so we will make sure it does not spoil. But remember, before adding the final glue, think if you want it bigger ... if you need larger floers this is the time to add another napkin, so we add a little glue, we adhere the napkin to the other, and continue shaping up get what we want.

If you want your flowers to have leaves, add a small piece of napkin simulating it on the stem of the flower. Finally add glue, let dry and go.