Good morning friends! Today in Decoration 2.0 We talked about the decoration of surfaces. As we always comment on the details is the secret, so in special days, meetings, weddings, events of all kinds or just for our day to day, decorate the table with a nice centerpiece It will be ideal.

A beautiful centerpiece, balanced, whatever style it may be, and very successful, will enhance our surfaces, making them the center of attention.

Today we will love to give you a great idea to make a centerpiece full of beauty, to decorate the environment and give a fresh touch now in summer.

The only thing we have to collect is a rectangular ceramic vessel, white candles, decorative ribbons in orange, daisies also orange, fruit like orange and some orange stones.

With all these elements we will make a great, fresh and natural centerpiece. Of course, remember that we can always modify everything, from the type and color of flower, container or fruit that we want to add.

The first thing we will do is take the chosen container and place the margaritas and the fruit inside, in this case the oranges. Go interspersed with each other, this way we will add harmony to the set .. although this is to taste.

Now take the candles and tie them with orange ribbon, you can end with a tie if you want ... although this is merely decorative, when we light the candles, be careful not to catch. We can also put them in beautiful transparent containers and tie the ribbon in these.

Some candles will be higher than others, for example with nice different candle holders or candlesticks. Then we will take some small glasses or vases and put the orange stones, think that they should be in different forms, which is what will give richness to the decoration.

Finally, add some stones to the base or add more types of containers to finish the design.