Maintaining order in a house sometimes becomes an "impossible mission", especially if we do not have a house of large dimensions in which to have large storage spaces.

Today I propose some ideas and alternatives to "create" storage spaces and get the order to reign.

This first idea, besides being very practical because it results in an extra storage space, is also decorative and original.
Some old suitcasesof vintage style can be converted into decorative elements perfect for a room placed at the foot of the bed or, for example, in a hall. Take advantage of its interior to store your magazines, sheets, towels, bedding or out-of-season clothes that you are not going to wear regularly.


If you are passionate about shoes and suffer from lack of space, try putting them in boxes. In this way you can have them always sorted and you will save space.

shoes in boxes

Create a small storage space in the bathroom where you put the towels and everything you need.
This idea in particular is very simple, it is two simple reused wooden boxes, one over the other. In addition to being very original, you can store some towels in the bathroom, leaving more free space in the closet or dressing room where you usually keep them.

store in the bathroom

If you like reading and books begin to give you storage problems, look over your door, that space is always a little wasted.
With a simple shelf over the door from the room you will create an extra storage space ideal for your books.

extra space for books

Your condiments and dressings Do they bring you head? Do not you know how to order them to have them always at hand ?. Look at this idea: decorative, practical and original.

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order condiments and dressings