The stairs are usually relegated to the background, unattractive on many occasions, when it is decided decorate the home. And it is true that although they are designed to fulfill their function, they can add an even more attractive touch to the decoration of the room. Whether choosing colors or applying to the most classic or modern motifs, everyone will be inspired according to their taste, but please decorate the stairs It is something that should not be ignored.

You can take advantage of the use of the most striking colors to print the place colorful, through the stairs, some vibrant tones will brighten and brighten the environment and always result in a great decoration of stairs. But also the decoration of the same has diversified and nowadays you can see flirtatious designs of geometric figures, the use of the same color in many tones or the brightest contrasts that will turn your stairs into another attractive point of the decoration of your home .

Today we bring you some ideas of decorated stairs, some in very conservative and elegant styles and others more relaxed but equally attractive. Some adapt to certain modes of decoration and others are more versatile, but all are perfect if you want to have a modern decoration that does not leave out any element of the environment.

The important is choose the colors well, if you enjoy contrasting or combining, you should not choose only neutral or dark colors because these, although practical for cleaning purposes, are far from attractive and can obscure the environment. And of course, the right paint is also the best, one that is easy to clean and that looks good, and of course, that complies with safety standards, as it does not become slippery with moisture.