Today Decoration 2.0 we tell you an attractive way to make decorative flowers. We can use them to decorate the rooms of the smallest of the house or perhaps use them as beautiful pin cushions.

The result and its attractiveness will depend on the pattern that we use, in this way we find an infinite number of designs that we can make. The materials we will look for will be the following: printed fabric, smooth fabric, sewing machine, needle, thread, buttons, scissors and wadding.

The first thing we will do is cut two circles, the same size, one in plain fabric and another one with printed fabric. Now we will sew, both circles, by the contour joining them together. Remember to sew the fabric inside out and leave a small opening for the filling.

Once well sewn, we turn the cloth over and fill it through the opening. When this filling of wadding or similar, we sew to close. l

To give the flower shape, it is enough to sew from the center towards the edge and pass the thread on the outside and return to the central point. Turn the piece a little and go back to sewing. We will do this by going around the flower, so you will see how the petals are formed. Once we have made as many petals as we wish, we will decorate the center of the flower with a nice button.