With the chimes about to receive 2019, Aun you are in time to improvise an express Christmas decoration deluxe. A few master touches for your splendid New Year's Eve party and for the awaited magical night around the Christmas tree or the nativity scene. With these Nothing complicated ideas It is very easy to get it in zero comma. Ready, Set, Go!

Christmas decoration express
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You left it for the last moment and now your domestic environments do not have that spirit of celebration and celebration How much do you want? There's a solution. An express Christmas decoration will allow us to emerge victorious from these meetings in which all our guests will not lose sight of a single detail. You can recycle ornaments from other years y take hold of objects y accesorios what's home. But it's also part of the game give us a whim of last minute and buy that ceiling lamp or those chandeliers discovered in a catalog of a recognized firm.

The essence of an express Christmas decoration

Source: Ikea

¿What is an express Christmas decoration? In creating magical corners and at the same time full of subtlety. Its essence is based on the following ingredients: be very imaginative, somewhat improvised and daring and always wrapped in an aesthetic that identifies us. It is the perfect formula for the interior of the house to transform quickly and Christmas takes over from them without major complications.

Plan well what places home they will be the chosen ones to get down to work with this Christmas decoration express. First of all, you have to be very practical, focus only on two or three strategic zones. If we do it well, they will be able to spread the desired atmosphere to the rest of the rooms. There will be strive especially in the classroom, take advantage of what already offers us as a starting point.

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Maybe you have an ideal high ceiling to create a corner full of magic, next to a window or a partition with a beautiful frieze of moldings. Maybe the solution is play with some lamps wall or ceiling that give a dim light, through lights and shadows that project and give movement to space. The best are the designs in the form of crowns of animals, like the swallows, o Elegant stars in red and white.

Source: Maisons du Monde

And the most practical options are models that go to batteries and carry LED light. If we do not have time for assemblies, another express decoration that will work is place on the floor ornaments with hare or squirrel silhouettes. In addition to decorative, at night its interior will light up and sculptures that invite you to dream.

Still lifes with an artistic point

Source: Maisons du Monde

I already said it at the beginning of the post. An express Christmas decoration will give us a get match to an infinity of objects and pieces that are already in our home. Surely we have left a few elements of the Christmas tree because we do not like to see it too overloaded. This year we want to contemplate it very minimal. And sure also that we have ribbons and wrapping paper gifts from other years.

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Well, all this material can be a treasure for improvise original still lifes that pay homage to Christmas. A unused tray or a large unused wooden frame are perfect as supports where you start to compose them. Little trees, remains of moss, pineapples, mini mushrooms, strips of golden ribbons ... Recover everything that seems especially beautiful and turn them into the protagonists of these compositions.

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In no time you can brag about them. Lo more fun will be to show them off as lovely centerpieces, on low tables and furniture in the dining area or the hall. And do not discard any point in the kitchen where they do not go unnoticed. In the showcase or vajillero furniture, on a low wall or any separating element. The express Christmas decoration will take your most artistic side.

Environments that are pure celebration

Source: Ikea

When there is not too much time to decorate the rooms with a Christmas look One hundred percent, an express Christmas decoration is an option ten. In her certain accessories and home furniture can play an important role. Make them the center of attention of our proposal, imaginative to the greatest extent possible. It's even a fantastic opportunity to dust off some parts of the storage room and finally give them a new life.

Without going further, Those old framess that until now we have not known how to integrate in our decoration. Leaning on a wall very showy for its color, or in a large hall and clear, they will give a festive and glamorous note. The right and necessary touch so that our house has a beautiful and fleeting Christmas atmosphere. All around, nothing like putting some DIY garlands, or improvise still lifes at your feet with balls of different colors, like bright sparks. The final touch of this Christmas decoration express can be one burning candles when night comes

A place for the exotic

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Thanks to an express Christmas decoration we can afford catch the essence of distant cultures that attract us Recreate what we like most from other countries when these magical days arrive. Como e.g. the paper houses so fashionable Very used as a decorative resource in domestic interiors of the Scandinavian countries, of course They are ideal for creating corners somewhat exotic.

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Source: Lia Griffith

Buildings or paper lanterns in 3D and illuminated is all we need to fill with shine those places we have chosen from our domestic interiors. Lined on a window, or at the foot of the tree, they will let us travel with imagination. And if we are crazy about the DIY universe we can shape larger constructions made by ourselves. Express Christmas decoration offers wonderful surprises like these.

Do you want one for your house?