The dormitories y children's rooms They offer a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating. Colors shapes, decorative elements, styles ... almost anything goes or almost everything.

Children's room

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate a children's room, read on, let's see some possibilities ...

  • In children's bedrooms, it is convenient that the room has two spaces. On the one hand, the rest area, obviously. On the other hand, a play area and activities.
    Harmonize both areas is possible a thousand ways: using colors, adding to the decoration some element that visually delimits both areas, etc.
  • The whiteboards they are an element that children love and have fun. Painting the door or any wall of the room with slate paint is a good option.
    With the blackboard you will not only be able to have fun drawing and erasing, but it can also be the perfect tool to help you carry out your math or language activities.
  • One of the biggest problems of children's rooms is chaos, with so many toys it is very difficult to maintain order. An effective and also decorative solution is to resort to boxes. Add to the decoration some boxes that combine with the rest of the decoration and keep all their toys in them.
  • When decorating a children's room, he resorts to bright colors that create a fun environment


The dormitories y children's rooms They allow infinite possibilities, but the first thing you should keep in mind is that it should be a space not only for rest, but also for play in which children should feel very comfortable. From here, it is a matter of tastes and needs.