When there is little space for the living room or bedroom, there is a tendency to think that there is no arrangement to have a decor Attractive. This is totally wrong for adding small details, such as the use of vibrant colors that contrast with light colors on the walls and flirty details such as cushions in the living room and reducing the size of the furniture, opting for modular and other solutions in that sense, we can have a perfect decoration.

Today we will concentrate on small spaces, we already know that there are small rooms that seem not to give more, bedrooms that already make us feel the desire to move and with our three suggestions of today sure to change but to seem, and you achieve a comfortable and cozy space even when it is small. A small bedroom, can be adapted well using a furniture to organize everything and using cheerful colors as well as making the most of the space, putting the lamp on the wall, for example.

Or we can reduce the size of the furniture and arrange them in a way that is orderly but basic to the maximum, so we will decorate a bedroom that without much space looks very attractive as one of these images. A cozy and colorful room we can achieve combining pastel colors with vibrant colors, reducing the furniture to a sofa of a smaller size than the standard and placing stools and other options to accommodate those who visit us, a table that adapts to the backrest of the sofa and a maximum of color in the drapery.

There is no doubt that these small spaces are very nice despite the fact that they are small, but with a little interest you can adapt these ideas to your surroundings so that they look good.

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