Today I'm going to show you some ingenious ideas, practical, very decorative and easy to do.

If you have at home a old stair at home, keep in mind that their uses can go much further than what in principle may seem ... Did you think of turning your old staircase into a practical and original bookshelf?.
To do this, all you have to do is place a glass or wooden shelf at the height of each pedestal. This is the result:

shelf staircase

The nesting tables They can also offer you many advantages. They occupy very little space and their utilities are multiple, you can use them as a bedside table or as an auxiliary table in the living room and if you ever have guests, just by putting a cushion on them they become practical seats.

nest table

This idea is useful, practical, original and also economical, since you only have to recycle cork stoppers of the bottles.
It is an original pose fonts made with cork stoppers. To do it you only have to group them until you get the right size and shape that you like and tie them with a bridle. If you want an even more "chic" finish, join the cork stoppers by gluing them with hot silicone and replace the flange with a nice loop.

pose fonts

If you need a side table only for certain times or occasions, this is the perfect solution. Is about a tray and a folding stand, when you need the table it will be enough to open the support and put the tray on it and that's it! When you no longer need the table you just have to close the support and return to the tray its usual function.

tray table